Founded in 1990, Vista Group International specializes in high-quality interpretive exhibit audio and tour guide systems

Let everyone hear the tour guide clearly

Make your tour the one they remember

You've worked hard to hire the most animated and experienced guides. But if your visitors have to strain to hear them, they may leave disappointed.


  • Consider a tour guide system that lets your visitors hear the guide clearly - even from the back of the group or in a noisy environment.


  • Many older visitors suffer from partial hearing loss and appreciate being able to control the volume and make the guide louder.


  • Flexible features make it easy to use the same equipment to provide a better listening experience for foreign language interpretation, conference rooms, or lecture halls.


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What can a tour guide system do?
  • Reduce voice fatigue


  • Make it easier for visitors to understand guides with foreign accents



  • Allow a visitor to pause to take a photo and continue to enjoy the guide's talk


  • Permit the group to tour unobtrusively in libraries, sacred sites, and museums


  • Eliminate bunching and tag-alongs


  • Enhance the commentary with music, interviews, 


  • And more...