Founded in 1990, Vista Group International specializes in high-quality interpretive exhibit audio and tour guide systems

When Your Story is Bigger Than Your Sign

SoundPost audio signs add enjoyment and meaning for everyone. They provide access and another style of learning for visitors with handicaps. With the combination of a weatherproof, vandal-resistant graphic structure and today’s maintenance-free audio technology, your whole story will be ready for every visitor.  

  • No re-enactment volunteers? Recreate history with character voices, music, and sound effects.

  • Only open part-time? Offer not-to-be-missed highlights even when the building is closed for the day.

  • Trail guide brochures not enough? Identify birdsongs and wildlife calls, speak native American languages even where there’s no power.

Powered by mains, batteries or solar cells, our SoundPost systems tell your stories in a personal, professional manner—every time.