VCX-150 Auto-Reset Amplifier

VCX-150 Auto-Reset Amplifier

SKU: VCX-150

MSRP: $319


Vista Group's VCX 150 is a compact, easy way to offer automatic volume control and reset. The VCX150 is designed to be used with an external audio source such as a typical mp3 player; UP/DOWN push buttons for raising and lowering volume; and a low power speaker or headphone jack. The volume resets automatically to midrange by setting the VCX 150 to one of the different modes. 

Personalized volume helps people who are hard-of-hearing and provides a superior listening experience for everyone.

  • Offers user volume control without having it remain at last set level for the next user.
  • Satisfies ADA and Section 508 compliance regulations for adjustable volume with auto-reset.
  • Provides solid state reliability
  • Lets kiosks easily comply with accessibility regulations.


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