SOUNDSTIK-VCX - Multipurpose. For VCX150, second language, custom exhibits


MSRP: $235


The SoundStik-vcx is a companion handset for Vista Group's external volume resetting amplifier, the VCX150. The combination gives audio-visual designers new tools for offerng personalized, disability compliant audio at exhibits, kiosks and interactive displays.

Visitors lift the SoundStik-vcx handset and start playback of the soundtrack or audio program. They can adjust volume while listeiing. The VCX150 will hold the volume level until the visitor finishes listening. Then it resets.

The SoundStik-vcx consists of a passive speaker and two push buttons for volume Up/Down control. For use with an external sound source and the VCX150 amplifer.

  • Easy to use - Lift to listen, Start on lift
  • Sanitary - Wipes clean
  • Highly durable- NoBreak case
  • Convenient - Push buttons on handset


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