SOUNDSTIK-MP3 - Convenient. Complete exhibit audio system in a handset.

SOUNDSTIK-MP3 - Convenient. Complete exhibit audio system in a handset.


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MSRP: $450                                                 


The SoundStik-mp3 is an ultra-reliable, self-contained sound system in a tethered handset. It stores and plays a single message. It keeps the visitor in place while listening, reinforcing the message you want to convey with your visual display. 
Designed with the complete work scope in mind, the SoundStik-mp3 is a unique product that has proven itself effective in national monuments, memorial museums, and visitor centers, libraries, children’s museums, historical societies and even the occasional light house. 

Self-contained sound system, stores and plays one mp3 file (USB/SD) - no player to buy or hide

  • Auto-start from begining - Lift to listen for ease of use

  • Adjustable volume with auto-reset - for best in the business, personalized sound

  • Auto-reset program

  • Fulfills both ADA and §508 requirements - for seamless handicapped acccesibility

  • Socially responsible product

  • Hearing aid, T-coil compatible - highest rating for ANSI standards, documentation available

  • Plug and Play wiring

  • Eco-friendly, no break case - better for the environment

  • Redundant sensor for pocket mounts


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