SOUNDSTIK CLASSIC - Adaptable. Exhibition handset with controls (optional)

SOUNDSTIK CLASSIC - Adaptable. Exhibition handset with controls (optional)


MSRP: $180


The SoundStik-classic Audio Handset is a versatile, ultra-reliable, handheld speaker for audio/video soundtracks at exhibits, kiosks, monitors, digital signage. Optional auto-mute function is ideal for keeping video kiosk clusters quiet. Optional NO/NC switch control for GPIO devices such as typical digital message repeaters, small LED’s, large relays. ADA compliant.

Eliminates noise pollution from sound spillover for better sound experience

  • Easy to clean for low maintenance
  • Ultra-reliable with NoBreak case with limited lifetime warranty
  • CD quality music and sound effects, not just voice
  • Preferred architectural styling for sleek look
  • Adjustable tether length, 48” standard, other lengths available
  • Retractable mechanism accessory available
  • Broader capability for more convenient, less expensive a/v configurations
  • Socially responsible product – Repairable for less waste, Eco-friendly case material
  • Fulfills ADA requirements – T-coil compatible, hearing aid friendly 


View/Download Datasheet [PDF]

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