Solar Powered Soundpost

Solar Powered Soundpost

Visitor Experience

An eye-catching graphic panel mounted on the SoundPost or nearby draws visitor attention. For visitors who are hearing impaired, they serve as a visual cue for the accompanying audio program. For visitors who are visually impaired, the audio offers an additional way to learn and enjoy. Everyone benefits from the added dynamic of sound.

A visitor presses a push button and the program plays through to the end. To suit browsers wanting only highlights as well as more inquisitive visitors seeking in-depth information, SoundPosts may be made with single or multiple messages.


Electronics Panel

Electronics are installed on a removable aluminum panel mounted on a locked access door. The panel houses the Digital Message Repeater and wiring harnesses to the vandalproof push buttons and speaker. Wiring harnesses are labeled for ease and safety when  servicing equipment. The repeaters will hold the message even if the power goes off. For seaside locations or others where humidity is high, ask about our harsh environment weatherproofing.



Power is brought to the SoundPost via a client installed conduit from the solar panel. A solar controller prevents overcharging the battery. Vista Group’s proprietary battery circuit savers are installed when appropriate. 

A solar panel mounted on a nearby pole outputs to a 12V lead-acid battery placed on a shelf in the base. An over-charge controller prevents excessive charging that can damage the battery. The solar panel and mounting kit are provided. The client supplied pole that supports the solar panel is usually about 15’ high to deter vandalism. Some locations may not be suitable for solar power.   


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